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Art /Education Service & Clients of Artwork
  • The Smile Mural by  Carol Knowlton-DorityCITY OF TORONTO/Scarborough Arts (2019) -Journey Into Peace/Expressive Arts - Building Self-Reliance Workshop Series - see here »
  • UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (UTSC)/Scarborough Arts (2019)
    Arts, Culture & Media Facilitator Development Workshop Series
  • CEDAR RIDGE CREATIVE CENTRE (2019, 2018) - Meditation and Visual Arts Workshops - see here »
  • SCARBOROUGH ARTS - Expressive Arts Workshops (2017, 2018) - Paper Sculpture Workshop Exploring Great Artists - Vincent Van Gogh - see here »
  • TDSB Toronto District School Board (2017) - Exploring Great Artists - Starry Night / Vincent Van Gogh
  • DR. KAREN PEPPER, FAMILY AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY (2016) - The Smile Mural - see video here »
  • DISTINCTIVE ADVISORS (2016) - Blog posts for paintings, Awakening, Contemplation
  • JAYA YOGA CENTRE (2016) - Yoga and Visual Art: An Explorative Meditation
  • JOSEPH CAMPBELL ROUNDTABLE (2016) - Philosophy of Art/Expressive Art Workshop
  • ST. JOHN THE DIVINE CONVENT (2012 and 2014) - Journey Into Meditational Prayer: Creating Mindfulness Though Visual Art - a “hands-on” Retreat experience.
  • REGIS COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO (2013) - Journey Into Meditational Prayer: Creating Mindfulness Though Visual Art - a “hands-on” Retreat experience.
  • FRIENDS OF THE CRECHE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE (2011) - Displaying, Animating and Caring for your Crèche, Toronto – a “hands on” workshop.
  • CKD in Canadian Living November 2010CANADIAN LIVING (2010-2011) - A series of columns - Inspiring Ideas for Everyday Living / Kids' Crafts - see here »
  • DEAFBLIND ONTARIO SERVICES (2010) - Visual-Tactile Murals offer a multi-sensory experience which is recognized as an imaginative choice for effective therapy, creative teaching and expanding life experiences. See here »
  • A MEMORIAL COMMISSION by the Joynt Family and Westminster United Church, Whitby, Ontario - “Meditation” - see here »
  • TRILLIUM LAKELANDS DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD (2007-2009) - Journey Into Peace: A Bullying Prevention Program Through Visual Arts Knowlton-Dority’s program is presented by Artist/Educator Nancy Gray Ogle
    See below for program description. See Journey Into Peace webpages here » [See TLDSB here »]
  • Anglican Church of CanadaTHE GENERAL SYNOD OF THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA - Cover artwork for publication "Sacred Expressions: A Collection of Art by Anglicans" to address the theme of the General Synod held in 2007 in Winnipeg, "Draw the Circle Wide… Draw It Wider Still', incorporating concepts of inclusivity: language, race, culture, theology and the dignity of all people. See here »
  • TORONTO DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD (1992-2006, 2014)- Journey Into Peace: A Bullying Prevention Program Through Visual Arts is a six lesson empathy development/social responsibility program. Through the experience of viewing fine art and making art expressions, students are given the opportunity to explore and process key bullying prevention concepts. Expressive arts are a widely accessible means of language and culture-neutral communication and learning for students, and are therefore recommended as an Toronto School of Theology covereffective and highly equitable approach for learning. Additional workshops and courses for students, teachers and consultants have featured setting up a Visual Arts Studio, paper sculpture, cartooning, drawing and painting techniques. Knowlton-Dority has been involved in many projects including a Millennium Mural, the design and creation of a Bubble Curtain, and a series of murals featuring active healthy lifestyle in a setting of great food, which support the Eat Smart! initiatives of Toronto Public Health and the school community. See Journey Into Peace webpages here » [TDSB link »]
  • TORONTO SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY (2007) - Cover of the 2006-2007 annual report: "The Swimming Girl". See here ».
  • REDEYE STUDIO GALLERY (2005) - Created a workshop, "Looking At Paintings" for the Grade 6 students of Branksome Hall.  Their study of justice/injustice brought them to the gallery to see some of Knowlton-Dority’s work which featured themes of social justice. See media article here » [Redeye link »]
  • FAIRLAWN COMMUNITY CENTRE YOUTH MURAL (2005-2006)- In conjunction with the City Councillor, Yonge/Lawrence Business Fairlawn Community Centre, TorontoImprovement Area, Community Police and the Fairlawn Community Centre, Knowlton-Dority worked to develop a community mural walk as a Graffiti Transformation Project. Students from both private and public schools as well as the Delisle Youth Centre were involved in the project. More about the Fairlawn mural here »
  • CITY OF TORONTO PUBLIC HEALTH (2004)- Worked with a group of Grade 6, 7 and 8 students to create the visual images that were used to develop promotional and information materials to support the new "Eat Smart! School Cafeteria Program".
  • YOUTH WITHOUT SHELTER, TRILLIUM FOUNDATION (2002-2004) - Conducted day-long workshops for groups of the clients on topics: sculpture, wire mesh, examination of historic and contemporary icons, drawing, colour study and mixed media.
  • Algonquin MooseCITY OF TORONTO: SPECIAL EVENTS DEPARTMENT (2000-2003) Created events for presentation for the following city-wide celebrations:
    • WINTERFEST, The Northern Exposure Event in the Rotunda of Nathan Philips Square (2002), and North York Civic Centre (2003)
    • MOOSE IN THE CITY (2000)
      • "Algonquin Moose" (left) - 255 Front Street West Metro Toronto Convention Centre Patron: Ontario Ministry of Tourism
      • "Moose Under Construction" (right) - Warden & Comstock 768 Warden Ave " Artist: Carol Knowlton-Dority; Patron: Revy Home Centres Inc
      • Carol's Moose in the City webpage here » |Google image search for Moose in the City examples here »
  • DISCOVERABILITY (2000-2003) - Developed and taught courses - this culminated in the Annual Children's Arts Festival.
  • MasterMind EducationalTHE BISHOP STRACHAN SCHOOL (1992-2002) [BSS link »]
    • Portrait of the Junior School Principal (2002) pastel, 24”x 20”.
    • Commemorative Mural (1999) acrylic, 2 connecting panels 9’x7’x 7’.
    • Conducted student workshops including; cartooning, figure and wildlie drawing and costume design for multicultural events.
  • MASTERMIND EDUCATIONAL MURAL (2002) Yonge St. and Lawrence Ave. Picts here »
  • THE WORLD WILDLIFE FUND (1994-2002) Commissioned 26 paintings. See a selection here »
  • THE HOT (Historic Old Toronto) MUSIC FESTIVAL (Toronto, 2001-2002)
  • DESIGNER SHOWCASE, GRADON HALL MANOR (2000) - Gradon Hall website »

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