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EXHIBITION: Moments in Eternal Time: Art & Theology in Dialogue
Toronto School of Theology • University of Toronto
A Moment in Eternal TimeMoments in Eternal Time: Art and Theology in Dialogue
Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto
47 Queen’s Park Crescent, Toronto

Opening: Thursday October 11, 2007 - 4:30 - 7 pm
Exhibit: Friday October 12 - Friday November 2, 2007

Artist Statement for the Exhibit
The title of this Exhibition comes from the painting, A Moment In Eternal Time - see gallery page here ». I set that painting in the cosmos and created a gathering of sheep, bathed in warm light. It was my way of expressing the relationship between earthly life and eternal life. This painting was done as a tribute and in memory of my own father, who loved me and helped me transcend every difficulty.

In the Christian tradition, sheep are a familiar image. I am deeply moved by Christ’s reference to us as His sheep. His insights bring quality to my experience of living. His symbolism helps me value my human nature and my relationship to God.

Sheep are part of a collective or a flock. This is how I think of our communal life. We are all members of a global culture, yet we are also distinct individuals. This is the theme I explore in my other paintings in this Exhibition. They capture particular moments in time in the life of a human individual or individuals.

As a person, I long to embody the practice of inclusion and peace, even as I am confronted by our apparent diversity. As an artist, I am examining this longing.

Panel Discussion with panelists: John Franklin, Imago; Ephraim Radner, Wycliffe College; Rebekah Smick, Institute for Christian Studies; Michael Steinhauser, Trinity College / held Tuesday October 16, 2007 - Charbonnel Lounge, University of St. Michael's College - 81 St. Mary Street, Toronto

Promotional quote: Is resolution possible between good and evil? What is art able to do before such questions? Is there a transforming power in art? How does this work affect you?
Join a panel of theologians, historians and artists as they reflect on this ambiguous portrayal.

Panelist Biographies
  • John Franklin is the Executive Director of Imago, a network of Christians in the arts in Canada. John has been a teacher of both philosophy and theology and has been president of the Canadian Theological Society.
  • Ephraim Radner is professor of theology at Wycliffe College. Among several books, he has recently published The Fate of Communion, and his commentary on Leviticus is expected in November.
  • Rebekah Smick teaches in the department of art at the University of Toronto, and has been appointed senior fellow at the Institute for Christian Studies to begin in 2008. She is an editor of Antiquity and its Interpreters.
  • Michael Steinhauser is professor of New Testament at the Toronto School of Theology and a fellow of Trinity College. He is also a well-known visual artist, represented by RedEye Studio Gallery in the Distillery Historic District.
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