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City of Toronto  •   Moose in the City
Moose in the City, Toronto - logoMoose in the City, Toronto
CITY OF TORONTO SPECIAL EVENTS DEPARTMENT created a city-wide celebration "Moose in the City".

"... From April to October 2000, Toronto's streets were filled with 326 magnificent moose sculptures, created by 500 local artists and sponsored by more than 250 patrons. The exhibition resulted in a season of spectacular moose events and generated ... world-wide media coverage for the City of Toronto Moose in the City also influenced visitation by close to 2 million tourists, injected $400 million into Toronto's economy and raised $1.4 million for Canada's Olympic Athletes and local Toronto charities.

"Moose under Construction - Carol Knowlton-DorityDuring the course of the exhibition, the Moose in the City website and online auction site received close to 5.5 million hits with traffic from all provinces in Canada, all states in the United States, every continent in the world and 31 countries world-wide. As a result, Toronto's moose have found new owners across North America and as far away as Shanghai!

"... The legacy of Moose in the City lives on - from the ongoing benefits of the money the exhibition raised for charity, to the smiles the moose continue to bring to the faces of children and adults alike as they continue to pop up in the most unexpected places. A marvelous reminder of one of the most unforgettable events in Toronto history!"

MOOSE UNDER CONSTRUCTION (above right) - was on display at 768 Warden Ave at Comstock. Patron: Revy Home Centres Inc; Artist: Carol Knowlton-Dority

Algonquin Moose - Carol Knowlton-DorityALGONQUIN MOOSE (left) - was on display at 255 Front Street West - The Metro Toronto Convention Centre; Patron: Ontario Ministry of Tourism; Artist: Carol Knowlton-Dority

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North York Mirror – June 4, 2000 • Real-life moose inspires replica work
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