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Expressive Arts - Journey into Peace • Program Description

Expressive Arts - Crouching Figure
Expressive Arts Mind Map
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Expressive Arts

I create Expressive Art experiences for children, adults or multi-generational groups using guided discovery and problem solving challenges. Participants are given ample opportunity to experiment in a collaborative, cooperative environment.

The emphasis is on the process of making art and exploring the meaning that the artwork has for the individual, rather than the final product. Expressive Art experiences create opportunities for empathy development and community building, while also supporting individuals in developing their own voice.

Expressive Arts provide a widely accessible means of communication; they offer an effective and highly equitable approach to self-reflection.

About the Artist Educator

I have enjoyed a variety of opportunities to bring children, adults, multi-generational groups and visual arts together; as a classroom teacher in both public and private school settings, and as an art educator for the Toronto District School Board, The Bishop Strachan School, Branksome Hall and organizations such as Scarborough Arts, University of Toronto, City of Toronto Shelter, Housing and Support Division, City of Toronto Public Health, City of Toronto Special Events, Little Prints Day Care, DiscoverAbility and the RedEye Studio Gallery in the Distillery District.

I created an arts-based program called Journey Into Peace: A Bullying Prevention Program Through Visual Arts, which was successfully implemented in two Ontario District School Boards.


Journey into Peace:
A Bullying Prevention Program
through Visual Arts
Grade 5 - Grade 8 
Journey Into Peace is an empathy development/social responsibility program. Through the experience of viewing fine art and making art expressions, students are given the opportunity to explore and process key bullying prevention concepts. Expressive arts are a widely accessible means of language and culture neutral communication and learning for students, and are therefore recommended as an effective and highly equitable approach for learning.

In JOURNEY INTO PEACE, visual art becomes a bridge:

  • to discovering self-reliance, tolerance towards differences, and  
    insight into the powerful emotions which connect us all; and 
  • to exploring and experiencing the attitudes, resources and tools
    by which peace may be created within ourselves and in our community. 

The Daily News by Carol Knowlton-DorityLesson 1: Self-Reliance: Responding To Challenge
Lesson 2: Accepting Difference/Appreciating Difference
Lesson 3: Peaceful Community
Lesson 4: Exploring Conflict And Bullying
Lesson 5: Exploring Strategies For Managing Difficulty
Lesson 6: My Role In Creating Peaceful Community

Lessons explore Paper Sculpture, Colour and Expressive Line

The program is designed for Grade 5 to Grade 8 students. All lessons are designed to occur in the regular classroom setting, using readily available materials. The facilitator will bring all specialty materials.
Included with the program are a series of Rubrics for Oral Communication, Visual Art and Writing. There are also follow-up activities for teachers. 

Above left: Daily News by Carol Knowlton-Dority

The "ART Pallet: Attitudes, Resources And Tools For Creating Peace" which is created during the program, reminds students of the lessons learned and the choices they can make to deal effectively with bullying. This visual reminder remains posted in the classroom for easy reference all year long.
For All Lessons
: Approaches Include: presentation of fine art images, thematically-linked music, story-telling, drama, discussion and visual art activities for students.

JOURNEY INTO PEACE: A Bullying Prevention Program Through Visual Art
Six Lesson Program

Class Size: The expected number of students per class is 30 or less.
Suggested Time / Lesson: 1 hour 30 minutes – 1 hour 40 minutes.
Minimum Booking Requirement: Half day consisting of two classes.
A Moment in Eternal TimeMaterials:The materials required for the lessons are simple, commonly available classroom supplies, to be supplied by the school (scissors, glue, construction paper, pencils, etc.). A list of classroom supplies will be provided in advance of the program.

Special Materials for the set of six lessons will be supplied by the Artist / Educator. These supplies include demonstration images, class set of oil pastels, particular papers, demonstration paints and so on. Special Material Fee additional.

Carol Knowlton-Dority - A Moment In Eternal Time [gallery link]

No portion of this program may be reproduced without written permission from the author. All materials and original images contained within this program are the sole property of Carol Knowlton-Dority, © 2005, 2021        

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