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I was thrilled to be invited to join Bayview Village’s own Carol Knowlton-Dority as she lead a group of Elkhorn Grade Five students through a “Journey into Peace”. This bullying prevention program allows students to process key concepts through engagement in visual art.

Carol brings children and visual arts together; fomerly, as a classroom teacher in both public and private school settings, and presently, as an art educator who creates and delivers programs for the Toronto District School Board, The Bishop Strachan School, Branksome Hall and organizations such as City of Toronto Public Health, City of Toronto’s Special Events, DiscoverAbility and the RedEye Studio Gallery in the Distillery District.

“Art is an exceptional vehicle for reaching students; affecting inner feelings and therefore affecting thinking and behavior”. I circulated through the class and was absolutely awestruck at the capacity the kids had for expressing themselves. I observed as they implemented the paper sculpture techniques discovered in the lesson, such as tearing, fringing, pleating and scoring their paper in reaction to suggested emotion or specific adjectives or adverbs. Lucas used contrasting colours of construction paper folded into a spring to express “humour”. Ori combined straight and curved paper so that they “existed peacefully together”. Meagan blended complimentary strips of paper to represent “be a friend”. Diana, using a yellow strip over black illustrated “hiding your anger”. Annie and Jill, targeted the strategies of “faith” and “humour” while Alec and William both focused on “walk away”.

Carol Knowlton-Dority, Artist/Educator B.A., B.Ed.
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