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Commissioning a Work

A memorial, a gift, an expression of something
important to you, is a collaborative experience.

  1. Meet with the Artist to share ideas
  2. Make a plan together to address:
  • The idea and nature of the artwork desired
  • The budget
  • Transportation and/or installation, if necessary
  • A timeline
  • A celebration!
  • Any or all of the above.

For information on "How to Commission a Work" download here » [310k pdf]

"Meditation" at Westminster United Church, Whitby, Ontario

"Meditation" by Carol Knowlton-Dority
"Meditation" - see larger version here »

A member of Westminster Park United Church writes: "I just wanted to let you know that I spent some time with our new painting today. Just me, alone in the Sanctuary with the painting. I think it’s very special….calming, peaceful, soothing. It brought to mind a variety of scripture passages, healing images, comfort, love, the timeless and limitless Creator and so much more. I don’t think a painting has ever affected me so much. Thanks for your most generous gift, God bless, Marian"

“Meditation”: A Memorial Commission by the Joynt Family - Westminster United Church, Whitby, Ontario

"Meditation" commissioned in Memory of Arthur and Helen Joynt

The painting "Meditation" was commissioned in memory of Arthur and Helen Joynt. During the planning stage, we decided that it would be helpful to have some preliminary drawings followed by a colour version of the proposed artwork. We also planned that the finished piece would be installed, in the Westminster United Church, Whitby, Ontario, and that the preliminary sample of the painting (the maquette), would rest with the family as a memento. We agreed on a budget, set the timelines and began the project.

Meditation -  commission in memory of Arthur and Helen Joynt
Lorraine and Chuck Joynt came to the studio to see the painting as it was developing.

"Meditation" - commission in memory of
The installation date was set and transportation arrangements for the 7’ image.

After the Dedication Service for, "Meditation," the Joynt Family wrote saying, "Thanks so much for painting a beautiful tribute to my parents… Thanks for your support at Sunday[‘s Dedication Service]... and most of all for being you. You are an incredible artist and a wonderful person."

Westminster United Church, Whitby, Ontario: website »

Mural Routes is a Not-for-Profit organization that promotes development of public wall art. Carol was on the Board of Directors 2002-2004, and President of the Board 2004-2014 [ »]

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